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Our approach to homework is topic-based with many of the pieces of work used for display purposes. As a family, you can decide how you would like to complete the work, taking into account your child’s learning style. There is also an expectation that all children will read daily and practise their number clubs at home.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding homework please speak to the class teacher. See below for details of this term’s homework.

 School Closure

School is now open for Year 6, Year 1, Reception and Key Worker children. Please see links below for access to Home Learning for all children. These will be updated each week.

Home Learning 2020

Week beginning 13th July

Owls Home Learning 13th July

Robins Home Learning 13th July

Reception Home Learning 13th July

Swallows Home Learning 13th July.docx

Week beginning 6th July

Owls Home Learning 6th July

Reception Home Learning 6th July

Robins Home Learning 6th July

Swallows Home Learning 6th July

Year 6 Transition Resources:

Transition Booklet 2020 – A5 (booklet)



Week beginning 29th June

Owls Home Learning 29th June

Reception Home Learning 29th June

Robins Home Learning 29th June

Swallows Home Learning 29th June


Week beginning 22nd June

Owls Home Learning 22nd June

Reception Home Learning 22nd June

Robins Home Learning 22nd June

Swallows Home Learning 22nd June

Owls English Resources

3. All About Minotaurs modelled write


Week beginning 15th June

Owls Home Learning 15th June

Reception Home Learning 15th June

Robins Home Learning 15th June

Swallows Home Learning 15th June

Owls English Project Resources

Letter from Heracles Frame

Letter from Heracles modelled write






WANTED Poster Model


Week beginning 8th June

Owls Home Learning 8th June

Reception Home Learning 8th June PDF

Robins Home Learning 8th June

Swallows Home Learning 8th June

Week beginning 1st June

Owls Home Learning 1st June

Reception Home Learning 1st June

Robins Home Learning 1st June

Swallows Home Learning 1st June

Week beginning 18th May

Owls Home Learning 18th May update

Reception Home Learning 18th May

Robins Home Learning 18th May

Swallows Home Learning 18th May

Year 6 Reading Comprehension Week 7 Text 1

Year 6 Reading Comprehension Week 7 Text 2

Week beginning 11th May

Owls Home Learning 11th May

Reception Home Learning 11th May

Robins Home Learning 11th May

Swallows Home Learning 11th May

Year 6 Reading Comprehension Week 6

Week beginning 4th May

Owls Home Learning 4th May

Reception Home Learning 4th May

Robins Home Learning 4th May

Swallows Home Learning 4th May.docx

VE Day

Year 6 Reading Comprehension Week 5

Week beginning 27th April

Swallows Home Learning 27th April

Robins Home Learning 27th April

Reception Home Learning 27th April

Owls Home Learning 27th April

Spirited Arts Home Learning (2).docx

Week beginning 20th April

Owls Home Learning 20th April

Reception Home Learning 20th April

Robins Home Learning 20th April

Spirited Arts Home Learning (2).docx

Swallows Home Learning 20th April

Easter Holiday Activity Ideas:

Easter Bingo Grid Owls

Easter Bingo Grid Swallows

Easter Bingo Robins Reception

Easter Bingo Robins Years 1 and 2

Week beginning 30th March

Reception Home Learning Week 2 – PDF Reception Home Learning Week 2 Part 2 – PDF

Owls Home Learning 30th March

Robins Home Learning Week 2 – PDF

Swallows Home Learning Week 2

Week beginning 23rd March

Robins Home Learning Grid 23rd March Swallows Home Learning 23rd March Owls Home Learning 23rd March


Spring Term 2020

Term 3 Year 1 and Year 2 Maths and English Homework Grid 2020

Term 4 Year 1 and Year 2 Maths and English Homework Grid.docx

Term 3& 4 Swallows Bingo Sheet 2020

Term 3 Owls Maths and English Homework Grid

Term 4 Owls Maths and English Homework

Summer Term 2020


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