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About Horton school

Horton School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School. It was built in 1859 by the Church of England.

The school has been modernised three times, once with the addition of a new classroom in 1981, then in 1998 to provide a library, an office for the head and the secretary, a staff room and a staff resources room and more recently, updating toilets and entrance area.

The school boasts a high teacher/child ratio in 3 classrooms. There is a separate library and a learning area for quiet or group working. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard, a bank of wireless laptops and tablets. The school has a small playground where netball matches take place, an adventure playground, a quiet area, a conservation area, an amphitheatre used as an outside classroom and picturesque surroundings. It has the use of the village hall for other sports activities.


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Horton, Chipping Sodbury, South Glos, BS37 6QP

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